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Another product which tested through the company EcoSPA is pomegranate seed oil. Each of us knows this wonderful fruit. It is very sweet, ideal for desserts, salads or healthy smoothie. It is considered one of the healthiest fruits in the world, if you want to know why I invite you to read on :)

 Curiosity :
According to research conducted in 1999. Israel both juice from pomegranate, and oil from its seeds have a very strong antioxidant properties, comparable to green tea, and far exceeding red wine. Flavonoids acid punikowy inhibit the activity of pro-inflammatory enzymes, and prostaglandins, hence the validity of the use of oil in skin diseases like inflammatory acne or as an aid in wound.

 Pomegranate seed oil cold pressed


capacity: 30 ml (or more)
Price: 25.90 zł
link to the store: klik shop 

 Description manufacturer:
Pomegranate seed oil is used:

*anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and smoothing mature skin
*strengthening sunscreen
*as an antioxidant
*supportively ordinary acne and rosacea
*regenerate damaged epidermis
*Care for dry skin, psoriatic

With the external application of pomegranate oil stimulates the division of keratinocytes and thickens the skin and also reduces the formation of new blood vessels, which makes it suitable even for people with rosacea.
Already at a concentration of 5% significantly reduces the formation of skin tumors.
Estrogens and phytoestrogens are firming and shallow fine lines.

My feelings :
First let me give you very important information. On the website of the store did not find this information, but it is contained on the bottle - this oil should be diluted !!! We give 5 drops of essential oil of pomegranate to 10 ml squalane oil or any other oil. The smell of oil from pomegranate seeds is so cute, and feel that it has no other additives (natural oils do not smell too good, but it offered effects). It does not dye the skin, does not clog pores, so they can be used people with oily skin or mixed and sensitive, because it does not cause allergy.
Very soon you will notice improvement in skin hydration. I would recommend to use it in the spring before tanning and after sun exposure, to deeply moisturize the skin. Definitely sięgnęłabym again for him.

*Punica granatum seed oil - oil with pomegranate seedsAs you know, I really like oils or products that are as short as possible the composition and contain no unnecessary additives. It is worth to invest in the oil, because it is enough for us for a very long time (it has to be diluted) and well-moisturizes the skin like no other drug.Thank you very much EcoSPA the company for the opportunity to test the oil.What do you think about this oil? Moisturize your skin (I hope you know that hydration is very important- without humidification quickly develops wrinkles and skin loses luster). Please leave a comment :)
Have a nice day

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